SKF offers new online heater selection tool

By November 11, 2015

SKF offers new online heater selection tool

Gothenburg, 5, November 2015: SKF today announced the introduction of its online heater selection tool for bearings and similar workpieces. Accessible via the Group’s website:, this convenient tool makes it quick and easy for SKF customers and distributors to find the right heater for various applications.

In standard cases, the versatile selection tool utilizes an SKF bearing designation to determine the appropriate heater. However, for other bearing or annular components, a suitable heater can be found by defining the application and by specifying the dimensions and weight of the bearing or workpiece. The new heater selection tool chooses from SKF’s comprehensive offering, including the electric hot plate, induction heaters and fixed induction heaters.

Hot mounting and dismounting of bearings and workpieces reduce the risk of damage to the bearing, shaft or workpiece and help to increase bearing service life and machine reliability. Suitable for most SKF bearings with a cylindrical bore, hot mounting is also used with many annular components.

The online heater selection tool is available via the following link: